... She lived to see the fall of the Berlin Wall.
She was full of contradictions. A practicing Catholic, she believed in reincarnation. A Socialist before WWII under a right-wing government, she became a soldier of the right-leaning Home Army during the war. After the war she was a member of the ruling Socialist Party in Communist Poland. Eventually, she joined the anticommunist Solidarity Trade Union in her retirement.
Grandma spoke Russian and German flawlessly and knew French. When I was a child, she spoke and sang to me in all those languages. She hunted wild boar, swore, told jokes that could make a sailor blush, and drank her vodka straight. She taught me to play poker and blackjack.
She went hiking with me in the mountains in her mid-seventies. She taught me about flowers and animals, exotic food, and introduced me to arts and culture.

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