England '07

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Hans Holbein, The Ambassadors, National Gallery, London. I took the picture of the anamorphic skull from the best angle (bottom right corner).

The Rosetta Stone (fragment showing hieroglyphic and demotic sript), Britsh Museum, London. It helped Thomas Young decipher Egyptian hierogliphs..

Lion hunting deer, Assyrian relief, over 1000 B.C., Britsh Museum, London.

Monkey, 2007 A.D., Trafalgar Square, London

Ice cream, London.

Near Picadilly Circus, London.

Clowns, London

Iraq war protesters, London

Anti-war flag in front of the Westminster Abby, London

River Cam, Cambridge

River Cam, Cambridge

River Cam, Cambridge (taken by my sister Diana)

After gradutaion ceremony, Cambridge

Alleged 3rd generation of Newton's apple tree in front of Newton's window, Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge. At a nearby courtyard Newton determined the speed of sound by clapping his hands and measuring the time to hear the echo with a pendulum.

Eve, stained glass, Trinity College, Cambridge

Mary, stained glass (a parllel story to Eve's disobedience in the Old Testament), Trinity College, Cambridge

Newton's bridge designed without the use of metal, Queen's College, Cambridge

Queen's college, Cambridge

Mascaron, Queen's college, Cambridge