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Mexico '05

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Cuernavaca - baroque facade of La Tercera Orden carved by Indian artisans

Cuernavaca - detail of a house's facade

Cuernavaca - Museo Robert Brady

Cuernavaca - with all the pretty girls on Av. Morelos even a saint can loose his head.

Cuernavaca - Diego Rivera's mural in Palacio de Cores (priests selling salvation)

Cuernavaca - Diego Rivera's mural in Palacio de Cores (Spaniards converting Indians)

Xochicalco - ballcourt. The loosing team was sacrificed to the gods.

Xochicalco - temple of Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent)

Xochicalco - temple of Quetzalcoatl: rabbit

Xochicalco - the 7th-century astronomical observatory working on the principle of camera obscura

Xochicalco - bugambilia

Xochicalco - stella

Cuernavaca - Jardin Borda where emperor Maximilian used to visit his India Bonita

Cuernavaca - curious dog

Cuernavaca - Salto de San Anton

Cuernavaca - gazebo designed by Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel)

Taxco - the kiss

Taxco from above. At the bar on the main square they mixed the first margarita.

Taxco - butterfly on top of the mountain - he alone was worth the climb.

Taxco - Santa Prisca's beautiful dome

Taxco - Santa Prisca's Churriqueresque facade (baptism of Jesus)

Taxco - garbage collection

Taxco - pots

Cuernavaca - sunset