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Mexico '05: 2nd trip

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Pena de Bernal: world's 3rd largest monolith following Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro and the Rock of Gibraltar

Pena de Bernal from Villa Bernal

Pena de Bernal up close and personal

Pena de Bernal: lonely flower

Pena de Bernal: flowers

Pena de Bernal: flowers

Bernal: bougainvillea

Bernal: cross

Bernal: Saint Sebastian over the church's entrance

Villa Bernal mural

Bernal: Mask Museum

Bernal: ceramics

Conca Mission

Conca Mission

Conca Mission: 2-headed eagle of the Habsburg dynasty that ruled Spain in the 18th century

Conca Misssion; rabbit on church's facade represents Moon. For comparison, another rabbit on the ancient temple of Quetzalcoatl in Xochicalco is shown on the next picture.

Xochicalco - temple of Quetzalcoatl: rabbit

Conca Mission: archangel Gabriel

Conca Mission: The Holy Trinity; an unusual rendition with three persons

Conca Mission: church's roof

Sierra Gorda: butterfly

Landa Mission: primitive Baroque with strong Indian touches

Landa Mission: Spanish martyr

Tancoyol Mission

Tancoyol Mission: detail

Tancoyol Mission: detail

Tancoyol Mission: flowers on church's wall

Sierra Gorda: boy on a donkey

Tilaco Mission

Tilaco Mission: Franciscan emblem

Tilaco Mission: mermaid supporting the church's facade

Sierra Gorda (Fat Mountains): Cerro de Sapo (Toad Mountain)

Jalpan Mission: 2-headed eagle of the Habsburg dynasty with Mexican snake; both eagle and snake appear on Mexican flag

Jalpan Mission: begger

Jalpan: Mr. Bones

Jalpan: dance competition

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende: cops on horseback

San Miguel de Allende: Parroquia; the facade was designed by an Indian architect based on a postcard of a Belgian church.

San Miguel de Allende: inside Parroquia

San Miguel de Allende: main plaza; the horse on the right got spooked and ran across town!

San Miguel de Allende: self-portrait at a cafe

San Miguel de Allende: Oratorio de San Felipe Neri

Queretaro: water harp

Queretaro: jamon serrano and 5 different kinds of cheese + wine from Baja

Queretaro: baloons

Queretaro: Nativity

Queretaro: startling mascaron on Templo de Santiago

Queretaro: three wise men