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Morocco '06

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Moroccan wine, hard to come by in Morocco. Baraka means blessing in Arabic

Souk in Marrakech

Souk scene

Moroccan women

Souk scene

Souk scene

Six blind men

Atlas mountains from Marrakech

Ubiquitous mint tea

Water seller in Marrakech

Souk cat in Marrakech

Ait Benhaddou where they were shooting The Gladiator

Kazbah in Ourazazate

Kazbah in Ourazazate - doves

Berber village with satellite TV

Bellows maker in a Berber village


Berber woman with child

Berber women. The one on the right is my sister

Berber child

Mustafa playing a makeshift fiddle

Sunrise over the Sahara

Shadows of the caravan

Ozoud falls

Ozoud falls - rainbow

Macaque - Barbary ape

Picking olives. Life changed little since the biblical times.

Young shepherdesses

Ceiling in madersa, Marrakech

Reflections in the pond, madersa, Marrakech

City gate, Marrakech

Saadian tombs, Marrakech

Storks, Marrakech

Mosaic, Marrakech

Cat mom, Marrakech