Rwanda '08

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Sunset over lake Kivu, Ginsenyi


Tawny Eagle? (Aquila Rapax)

Learning English, Rugerero

Soaring eagle

Digging sand, Ginsenyi


Pied crows (Corvus Albus), actually a raven species

Pied crow

Playing soccer with makeshift ball, Rugerero

Schoolchildren, Rugerero

Going to the market, Gisenyi

Prison, Gisenyi. Prisoners in pink are perpetrators of genocide of 1994

Makeshift solar concentrator for water pasteurization

Sunset over lake Kivu, Bralirwa. The rig produces methane used in boilers at Bralirwa brewery

Solar oven demonstration, Rugerero

Kid with makshift pinwheel made from two leaves, Rugerero


Kigali scene

Urwagwa or banana beer


Playing soccer, Rugerero

Hot springs, Bralirwa

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