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Tanzania '04

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Ready, set...

Animals in Little Serengeti, Arusha NP


Lesser flamingos

Baboon - full of dignity

Hippo's skull


Islamic school

I am going to climb this?

The tower

Julius takes a break

Porters carried incredible loads on their heads and shoulders

This plant rolls itself into a ball at night to survive the cold. So did we!

No glove, no love!

Before sunset


White-collared raven

Sunrise at the crater rim

To the true summit. We can see the curvature of the Earth through tears in our eyes.

Our group at the summit of Kili

The snows of Kilimanjaro

After the summit


Welcome to the Jungle!

African wedding

Goat's meat medium-rare

Maasai village chief

Maasai child playing with a toy car made out of an old water container

We are a throwaway society...

Maasai village

Village scene