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Tibet '06

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The Wheel of Life

Flying into Tibet from Sichuan

The Potala, palace of HH the Dalai Lama

People prostrating themselves in front of the Potala

Lhasa window

Lhasa courtyard

Momo - yak meat dumplings

Jokhang temple at dusk

Column at Jokhang temple

Lhasa street

The spirit catcher

Taking a cat for a walk Tibetan style

Jokhang kora in the morning

Jokhang kora

Prayer flags above Ganden monastery at above 4,500 m (14,600 ft.)

Prayer flags on mountain top


Dog at Ganden monastery

Mural at Ganden monastery

Yaks at Ganden monastery


Yak butter for tea and candles

Sera monastery

Sera monastery

Sera kora

Painters at Sera monastery

Water-propelled prayer wheel at Drepung monastery

Wheel of life

Debating monks at Drepung monastery

Solar collecter at Sera monastery

Solar collecter at Drepung monastery used to heat up water for tea

Prayer flags - video clip

Monks praying at Ganden monastery - video clip